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Free dating tips and advice
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    Just about everyone has at least one good horror story in their dating memoirs – embarrassing moments, dates from hell, bizarre conversations, etc. So it would follow, then, that we all have a working understanding of dating do’s and don’ts, right? Not quite, it seems. Weird tales from the dating front continue to arrive, so […]

    The post 10 Common Dating Faux Pas And What they Say About You appeared first on blog.

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    It’s late at night and your phone rings. It’s her… your girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend, your neighbor, or that chick you barely remember from that bar you kind of remember going to. She gets straight to the point, “Um, I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m just gonna say it, but you’re gonna […]

    The post 7 Things to Do Immediately When She Says You’re Gonna Be an Unexpected Dad appeared first on blog.

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    “Never buy a woman a drink” is one of those “pick up artist” mantras you hear all the time, yet no one ever explains why you should never buy her a drink. Or dinner on a first date, for that matter. I’ve been asked over and over by guys (and gotten into heated debates with women), whether […]

    The post The 3 Reasons You Should Never Buy a Woman a Drink appeared first on blog.

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  • 01/07/19--07:56: How Men Dump Nice Girls
  • When guys date really nice girls, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that boredom quickly sets in and they need to find a way out. The problem is that the idea of dumping them raises all kinds of guilt. And no one wants to feel guilty about dumping a girl. But it is […]

    The post How Men Dump Nice Girls appeared first on blog.

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    Everyone can agree that the worst thing about first dates is the awkward silence that can come with getting to know someone new. While some people always have something to say to fill those quiet moments, most of us could use some guidance. Here are some fool-proof conversation starters that will get her talking – […]

    The post 8 Conversation Starters For Dates appeared first on blog.

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    Ten years ago, if you’d asked someone whether or not they’d be comfortable with a blind date knowing everything about them before they met, you’d get an answer somewhere between “Ew, that’s creepy” and “That’s just not romantic.” Today, we almost expect our internet crushes to know intimate details about us, even if we’ve never met. No […]

    The post What Does Google Tell People About You? appeared first on blog.

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    In a previous post, we talked about how to figure out what the internet says about you. If you’ve googled yourself, it’s possible that you’ve found at least one or two things that surprise you. An unflattering picture, a bunch of petty comments about someone who gets your goat on an internet forum, or (worse) a […]

    The post Bad Reputation: Doing Damage Control on Your Internet Profile appeared first on blog.

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    There are good ways to get dumped, and there are bad ways to get dumped. Generally, getting dumped via e-mail falls somewhere between Face to face when I knew it was coming and text message from his new girlfriend. It’s not a good feeling when “You’ve got mail” becomes “You’ve been dumped,” but you can make the best of it. […]

    The post How to Respond to a Breakup Email appeared first on blog.

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    What resolutions did you make this year? The usual Eat-healthier-quit smoking-get-my-ass-to-the-gym-and-stop-passing-out-drunk-on-my-friends-floor type stuff? Those are all noble resolutions. And they’ll make you a better, healthier man. But will they help lead to your ultimate goal: Being more successful with women? And I don’t just mean “successful” as in going out and conquering entire harems of […]

    The post 7 Resolutions That’ll Make You More Successful at Dating in 2019 appeared first on blog.

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    There is no form of self-torture worse than looking at your ex’s wall. You wouldn’t pour salt on your own physical wound, yet you just can’t stop yourself from checking out what other women have posted on his wall. It is a strange sort of obsession: if you are miserable and lonely, you don’t want him […]

    The post Hate Reading Your Ex’s Facebook Wall? Learn How to STOP. appeared first on blog.